August 2007, a new series from Silhouette Nocturne...








RISING DARKNESS - Cynthia Cooke - September
NIGHT MISCHIEF - Nina Bruhns - October
SAVING DESTINY - Pat White - November

Four hundred years ago a secret, hermetic order was created by the first Earl of St. Yve and a handful of initiates who pledged their lives to keep the world safe from evil paranormal beings. Ever since, the Cadre has been dedicated to maintaining the delicate balance between the mortal and dark realms through research and observation of otherworldly entities. Seldom does the Cadre interfere.
But not all mortals seek peaceful understanding between the realms. In recent decades, an opposing force has been created by the British Intelligence Service. This covert group, called P-Cell, has but one directive: destroy paranormal creatures of all kinds. 
As the two organizations fight faithfully for their separate causes, unbeknownst to either of them, the dark forces of evil gather, preparing to overtake the mortal realm.... 


Here we are! Michele Hauf, Cynthia Cooke, Pat White, Nina Bruhns

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